Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The ATW fashion show this year was last week, and I'm sorta nostalgic for? Everything. I did way too much in college, and I Loved it.
Now I am bored.
Eitherway: more job hunting and applying today... sent the following into a production manager job. I need a job I like. I am goingggg crazzzzy.

Joining the gym on FRIDAY! hopefully I will be able to dispel all this energy I have and get my mind off of shit. That's the only thing I've been excited for in a while, dang. Go Health!! Can't catch the Swine Flu (my mom called to tell me not to get it.) Luckily, I never get sick, and haven't had the regular flu.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Summer has arrived way too quickly in the city.. I think we may have had 1 day of spring? Now i am taking naps in my bathing suit to beat the heat (yes, I did that today). Can't wait to use our roof all the time!!!!
We went to Central Park for a little while this weekend! Packed, of course, but oh so green and flowery

The Bowerbirds are touring in NYC. Matt Damron played drums for them, and it made me miss NC 1000x more.

Now, someone give me a job. PlEase! i applied for a job I really want at Brooklyn Industries yesterday!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Im at my internship and so totally bored.

might be over nyc. this basically sums up my life right now. waiting. for everything. a job, the train, summer, $$.
i wish i had moved here 6 months ago. i wish i had a real job.
the other night a lady tried to kill herself by running out in front of on coming traffic. you never know what you're going to see here, it's crazzzzzy

hanging out with these guys. im going to a METS game on Friday!

ahaha, i just found this online and think this is hilarious! some of the girls i work with a brother jimmy's have small dogs and im going to sew them some clothes.