Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where is my mind?


Ok, I think I might stop naming the colors-- that takes me the longest and they are always lame.

I am going to a Broadway play tonight with my cousin!

Monday, June 22, 2009;; Anna Melcon Bond;
Now that I am currently only working Thursday nights, Saturdays and Sunday nights, I find myself with ample time to... do?

I think I'll start making color boards. this is a preliminary.. I'm not sure if I like the aquarium color, and of course that's the color that started the inspiration.

Also, I need to keep track of the books I have read since moving here

On the Road
Geek Love--- favorite
The Great Gatsby
Welcome to the World, Baby Girl
Catcher in the Rye
Other Voices, Other Rooms
Life, the Universe and Everything
Tender Is the Night---- favorite
Friday Night Knitting Club
also, slowly reading
A People's History Of The United States by Howard Zinn and Vertigo by W.G. Sebald